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All your pre, during and post wedding travel

Massive congratulations from Mynt if you're getting married! It's the most special day of your life (so far) and it should be as less stressful as possible. So imagine how much easier it would be if you could have one person plan all your wedding travel needs. Everything from the hen, stag or sten, to your wedding, to the most amazing honeymoon.

We have a lot of partners in the travel industry which means we're experts at doing it all. Contact us with your details and we'll book in a video call to go through your individual needs and preferences to get things started.

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Hens, Stags & Stens

No matter how you label your 'last night of freedom', we've got you covered. Whether you want to keep it in the UK, head to a tropical shore, go to a festival, take a long weekend cruise to Bruges or even go big in Vegas, we've got you and your mates covered.

Your wedding day

If you're getting married in the UK and need transportation or accommodation for your guests, or if you want to get married abroad and want someone to help with your holiday, wedding day and to sort bringing all your guests along. We've got it all covered.

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Your Honeymoon

There's absolutely no doubt that your Honeymoon should be the most special holiday you ever have, and we would be beyond honoured to find the perfect break for you both. We'll also do as much as we can alongside our travel partners to make it as special as we possibly can.

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Beach Wedding

How does planning our wedding abroad look?

It will differ depending on your chosen destination and which of our travel partners we book with, but here's a rough idea to help you start thinking...

12-24 months before the big day

We'll start by planning all your dates in, and booking the big day. You and all your guests can book together as one party, everyone can book separately, or somewhere in between.

We can point you in the right direction for your perfect wedding invitations too!

6 months before the big day

It's time to start thinking about the documentation required. We'll make sure you're aware of everything that you need and will be happy to check it over before you send it off (some of our partners, such as TUI, require copies of your documentation too).

3 months before the big day

Your resort wedding coordinator will be in touch at this point (if they haven't already). They'll have a chat with you about some specific details of your big day to ensure they can get everything sorted their end so there's less to worry about once you've arrived.

1-2 months before the big day

Time to cross our T's and dot the i's. We'll meet with you (either virtually or in person) to ensure that everything (and everyone) is ready for the big day.

Time to fly

Most airlines will provide an additional luggage allowance to you along with a wedding outfit box so that your dress(es) and suit(s) don't travel in the aircraft hold.

We'll have arranged for you to have a VIP start to your holiday, on us, in the airport lounge.

Within the first day or so in resort, you'll meet your wedding co-ordinator to run through the plans for the big day.

The big day

Your wedding co-ordinator will be on hand all day to ensure everything runs smoothly. You'll have the most magnificent ceremony and then enjoy a great night with your nearest and dearest.

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There's so much more...

No two weddings are the same (that's why we love them so much!). So it's really difficult for us to give a 'one guide fits all' on our website.

What we do promise will be consistent across all our Wedding packages - they'll all be special, magnificent, and you'll have THE BEST DAY.

Any questions you have, you can ask us at anytime - before, during or after booking.

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