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Proudly introducing Mynt!

February TBC, 202

In 2021 I decided to follow a life long dream and setup a travel firm (yes... during a pandemic!). Everyone rightly said I was mad, but thanks to a LOT of hard work and the support of my amazing family, friends and customers, South Wales Event Travel has had an incredible first year.

We've travelled over 60,000 miles together across 3 continents and received a whole raft of 5* reviews in the process and I've loved every single second.

Now, the time feels right to take the next leap. I've applied for an ATOL certificate meaning that we'll be licenced to sell flights and that opens up the whole entire World!

With this, I'm leaving South Wales Event Travel in charge of local coach tours, and for the rest of the World, Mynt is born...

Mynt is a play on words, I wanted to capture the essence of going somewhere but also wanted to keep it Welsh (never forget your roots, right?).

With that in mind, 'Go' in Welsh is 'mynd', and to say something is 'mint' means it's pretty damn good, so everyone, I give you Mynt.

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Proudly introducing Mynt!: Traveling Tips
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